Sunday, February 6, 2011

Android vs. Apple: Super Bowl Commercials

Apple has always positioned itself as the hip counter culture alternative the mainstream PC; the David to IBM's Goliath. This branding began with their iconic 1984 Super Bowl commercial introducing the first Macintosh.

Now, 27 years later thanks to the iPhone and iPad Apple has become the Goliath. In the mobile arena Google's Android is now trying to position itself as the hip, counter culture alternative to Apple. Here's the latest commercial from Motorola advertising their new Xoom tablet. Note the similarities. The guy is even reading 1984 on his tablet!

Note: I'm not emotionally tied to either of these two companies. I use an Android phone along with an iMac, Macbook, and HP netbook at home. I most likely will end up getting the iPad 2 when it comes out or the tablet above.

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