Sunday, January 30, 2011


Welcome! I’m a practicing pediatric intensivist in NY who has spent a few too many hours reading other people’s blogs and I figure I should try my hand at this. In addition to my clinical work, I devote some time to my hospital’s medical informatics department as a liaison to the physicians of my hospital. In the time that’s left I’m trying my best to balance my technology addiction, wife, and two young children.

What I’d like to do here is add my voice to a growing number of those of us in health care who are sharing our stories. I feel that I present a unique viewpoint as there are few folks in pediatric critical care who are active in the blogsphere.  As this journey progresses I hope to touch on topics that I deal with in my career: healthcare, children, critical care, and health information technology. As there’s more to me than the work I do I will occasionally divert from this and talk about family, some of the gizmos I collect, movies, music, photography (I’m very amateur), and grilling once the weather warms up.

Some standard disclaimers: The views expressed here are my own and not necessarily those of my employer. Anything that appears like it might be medical advice is not and should not be a substitute for real medical advice from your doctor. The blog will be HIPAA compliant so anything written about specific patients will have no identifiers or have the names/situations changed.

Finally, I strongly encourage all of you to comment and welcome all suggestions for future postings.